segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2007

Pink Turns Blue

Está marcado para 18 de Maio o lançamento do novo trabalho dos Pink Turns Blue, banda alemã de New Wave que após uma pausa de 8 anos reapareceu em 2003 com “re-union”, um best-of, e posteriormente "Phoenix" (2005), um álbum de originais que mostrou que a reunião não seria só para uns concertos.
Falando de “Ghost”, o novo álbum, segundo a banda :

"The album title both stands for the tonality and the mood of the songs. Musically, but even more lyrically. The familiar feeling of not being part of this life, not - as many other people, especially from the TV and advertising world - of not being happy, to feel somewhat as an outsider, a spectator of one's own life, not really being part of anything, to experience one's life as a film. This estranged sensation is aquainted to all of us, characterizes our day-to-day life and colours our perspective. And is the golden thread that draws through 11 songs about love, lust and passion.

The other fundamental colour remains the dark, winterly feeling. Home of Pink Turns Blue remains the realm of shadows. But at the same time the songs offer this extraordinary warmth and humanity that gives the dark and gloomy, a warm and fuzzy feeling, an intimacy and concealment. Stories from the borderlines of human souls."

Mais informações disponíveis na página oficial da banda.

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