sábado, 20 de setembro de 2008

Crítica: Música & DVD


A Garden of Strange Flowers
Bal Onirique
If Lucy Fell
Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons
Lucy and The Popsonics
The Clits


4:25 Twins "4:25 Reasons"
Adult "Why bother?"
Álgida "Dias Cinzas"
Arcana "Raspail" 2008
Ataraxia "La Malédiction d'Ondine"
Ataraxia "Paris Spleen"
Bauhaus "Go Away White", por ebola
Bauhaus "Go Away White" (2008), por gotika
Caspian "Tertia" (2009)
Christian Death "American Inquisition" 2007
Corpus Delicti "A New Saraband of Sylphes"
Das Ich "Kannibale" EP 2008
Das Kabinette "Spy Thriller" (2008)
Deadchovsky "Spiritus Sancti Bizarre"
Die Form "Best of XXX" 2008
Die Form "Her(t)z Frequenz" single 2008
Die Perlen "Szenenwechsel"
Dwelling "Ainda É Noite"
Emilie Autumn "Laced/Unlaced"
Emilie Autumn "Opheliac"
Fields of the Nephilim "Mourning Sun" (SPV, 2005, limited edition)
Gary Marx "Nineteen Ninety Five and Nowhere"
Ikon "Amongst the Runes"
Joy Division "Live at Leigh Rock Festival 1979"
Lacrimosa "Sehnsucht"
Lisa Gerrard "Silver Tree"
Marilyn Manson "Eat Me, Drink Me" (2007)
Melusina "Presoners de l'Enigma" EP (2009)
Militia Christi "Ordo Militia Templi"
Miserylab "Vaporware" EP
Moribund Thirteen AD "Your Funeral, My Smile"
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio "Onani"(2008)
Psychic TV "OV Power - A Pagan Dis-Concert"
QNTAL V "Silver Swan"
Revue Noir "Anthology Archive"
Rome "To Die Amongst Strangers" EP
S "Ghost" (2009)
Sara Noxx "Intoxxication" (2009)
Sex Gang Children "Bastard Art" (2002)
Siouxsie "Mantaray"
Specimen "Alive at the Batcave"
Squishy Squid "But Cows Have So Much Love To Give..."
Syria "Not a Nice Party: A Collection" (2008)
The Creatures "Anima Animus" (1999)
The Cure "4:13 Dream" 2008
The Cure "Hypnagogic States" EP e "4:13 Dream"
The Deadfly Ensemble, "A Seed Catalog For Extinct Annuals"
The Horatii "Soccour Punch"
XMAL Deutschland "Fetisch"


"A Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box"
Ataraxia, "Oil on Canvas" (livro + CD), 2008
"Electric Circus - Short Circuit" 10''


Cinema Strange "Pressed Flowers / Squashed Blossoms"
Christian Death "Live" Los Angeles, 1993
Dresden Dolls "Dresden Dolls Live at the Roundhouse"
Einstürzende Neubauten "Liebeslieder"
Fields of The Nephilim "Revelations / Forever Remain / Visionary Heads"
Gitane Demone "Life After Death"
Mão Morta "Maldoror" 2009
Moonspell "Lusitanian Metal" 2008


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